Spring Energized Seals

Spring energized PTFE seals perform reliably in a variety of applications where conventional elastomeric seals fail due to chemical attack, extreme heat or cold, friction, extrusion or compression set.

PTFE seals have three basic design elements:
A pressure-actuated U-shaped jacket
A metal spring loading device
High performance polymeric seal materials

A spring Energized seal is a circumferential band of polymer material energized by a metal spring energizer. The cross section of the Spring Energized seal configuration can be a variety of symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes and these can be manufactured in different sizes.

Spring Energized seals are normally comprised of a machined polymer material body (or jacket), containing a spring energizer. The polymer most commonly used in PTFE, as this provides excellent characteristics in terms of high and low temperature capability, low friction, long life, and wide chemical resistance. Other materials can be used for the seal jacket according to the application requirements.

The three main types of springs

Cantilever/V spring (Good dynamic performance, medium to high deflection, medium spring force)
Helical spring (Good static performance, high spring force, low deflection)
Wire/Coil Spring (Good dynamic performance, high deflection, low/medium spring force and easier for installation purposes).