Lens Rings

Lens Rings have a spherical surface and are used on flanges with conical faces. The gasket material should be softer than the flange material, ensuring that the applied compressive load leads to the elastic or plastic deformation of the gasket and not the flange sealing face. By applying higher loads on the gasket the contact area between the gasket and the flange increases. This prevents the gasket from being overstressed. As with all metallic joint’s, the re- use of Lens Rings is not recommended.


Lens ring is applicable for the pipe seal that the pressure isn’t lower than 10Mpa.
Due to contact with flange cone face, it is easy to have the pressure mark & the interchangeability of part is poor.
Lens ring is also pressure energized, as well as the double-cone gasket.
The hardness of the lens ring must be 15-20 HB lower than the mating flange face hardness.


The gaskets are primarily used in oil, gas & petrochemical, offshore industries. They are also commonly used on valves, pipe line network & vessel joints. Also lens ring used to seal flanged connection subject to high pressure & temperature.