Kammprofile Gaskets

Kammprofile Gaskets are manufactured utilizing a precision machined serrated insert sealing element with V-like cut grooves designed to entrap a sealing compound to create many individual seals across the face of a flange. The sealing element can be used stand alone in the case of a tongue and grove application or can incorporate a centering ring, either fixed or loose depending on the specific application.

Features & Benefits

Tolerant of inconsistent bolt torquing or installation errors
Rigid Construction makes them easy to instal
Low seating stress results in minimal damage to flange
AX mental gasket can replace of API Ring Gaskets;
Small thickness of sealing layers allows for minimal fugitive emission
Unlimited shelf life
Cannot be over compressed
High Seal Integrity
Available in a variety of materials
Kammprofile Gaskets offered by us are available in three profiles. The components can be produced from virtually any machinable material and can incorporate a variety of sealing faces selected based on media and temperature compatibility.

Kammprofile Style L

Kammprofile Style L profiled gaskets are commonly used for applications involving gaseous materials and high temperature differences in the inner and outer rings.

Kammprofile Style TG

Kammprofile Style TG profiled gaskets are most often used with tongue and groove and male and female flanges.

Kammprofile Style F

Kammprofile Style F profiled gaskets are made for flat or raised face flanges and designed with built in centering rings.